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I Rode Two Bikes Today

Life is hard.  Life is messy.  At least mine is.  A little more than 19 months ago I hit rock bottom.  Busted.  Broken. Bruised.  I surrendered.  I’ve spent the last 19 month striving for selflessness and spiritual growth. I don’t get it right every day.  At times, I am still my own worst enemy.  

I am building a new life though.  Day by day.  Step by step.  A new life is taking shape.  The life I am building for myself allowed me to ride not one, but two bikes today.  

I do want to be clear though.  Riding bikes is fun, but for me, it is not self care.  It is a healthy activity and endeavor, but it doesn’t provide the release meaningful self care does for me.  May we all endeavor to discover meaningful self care.  It will not discover you.

Two Bikes