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Nutrition Is Essential For Fueling Your Body

First things first, I am not a dietitian and have no interest in becoming one.  My journey to the Triple Bypass was never about losing weight.  This goal has actually required me to gain weight which was mentally rather hard.  I struggled with really disordered eating after I got sober nearly two years ago.  No matter what your goal is and if it is related to weight or not, nutrition is essential to fueling your body toward achievement.

The point of this post is that nutrition doesn’t have to be intimidating.  It doesn’t require dropping a whole paycheck at Whole Foods.  It doesn’t require eating exotic foods or letting go of the pleasurable process of eating.  No judgement for those who prepare food with flair!  It just isn’t me.

I am a single mom.  I have a full time job.  I ride bikes.  My kiddo has his own jam going on.  What this means is I don’t have a ton of time to spend in the kitchen or nearly the monthly budget I wish I had.  Our meals work with our lives, my 12 year old’s tastes, and manage to keep me on track with my macros.  I do not pretend to have it mastered or be perfect.  

I make the time to take the time to be intentional with my meals.  The intentional is becoming the intuitive.  The results are all positive!

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