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Have you ever been a newcomer?  Felt like everyone knew a common language that you did not?  Felt like those around you had a connection and shared understanding that was a mystery to you?  Been intimidated to put yourself out there and join a new group or new activity?  Yeah, me too.  

I first clicked into clipless pedals in the mid 90’s.  I am no stranger to cycling.  Through the ebb and flow of life I found myself rather distant from cycling but always considered myself a cyclist.  Even when I was huffing and puffing to ride a mile.  Several years ago I returned to cycling as a way to navigate the changes happening in my life.  I found myself feeling like a newcomer all over again.  

I am putting myself out there.  Living with intention means being an active participant in achievement.  It means stepping in the ring.  So, here we go!

Leslie Mountain Biking