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Firecracker 50

I did it! I raced the Firecracker 50 which is a 50 mile mountain bike race featuring 8000 feet of climbing. I’ve dreamed of being able to race this race for years. I’ve stayed away out of fear, self doubt, the realities of my fitness, and not prioritizing my health. This year the race became a reality.  

I set a goal. I made new priorities. I trained. I paid attention to nutrition. I showed up and raced.

I’ve heard big endurance events can forever change you. This one is the biggest I’ve done so far. During the race there were times I wanted to quit. I wanted to give up. I focused on why I was there, starting a new life. I kept going. I learned how far I can push myself. I learned my new priorities are enriching my life and my health. I learned I can do things I once dreamed of.

mountain bike race